Books will be Off The Shelf for most people

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Is it fair that the people from Jordanthorpe, Batemoor and Lowedges are to be without libraries?

People from these areas, and others in the vicinity, rely on the libraries, for use of the computers, to look for jobs and to write educational assignments.

Why should the people in the south of the city be punished by a formula for library closures that does not seem to take into account costs of travel?

Libraries are about aspiration to be able to look at any topic in an unprescribed way, to look at a book without anyone judging reading ability.

This should be a chance for all.

The priorities of this council can be seen by the fact that instead of saving libraries, they have an Off the Shelf Festival.

How hollow, but how apt as books will be off the shelf for so many Sheffield ratepayers.

Susan Akers