Book into Specsavers

In reply to EB Warris, yes the city centre should indeed have many of its buildings demolished for they indeed are an eyesore, but not the Victorian/Edwardian buildings, the flashy grey buildings.

The first to go should be that monstrous building at the bottom end of The Moor, followed by that building they erected on the old Regent/Gaumont cinema site in Barker’s Pool.

And methinks that our councillors and EB Warris, should be given a 28lb sledgehammer to flatten the modern trashy buildings, for they fail to attract any customers at all but make them go elsewhere, Leeds, Manchester, even Bradford, and Halifax too.

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Sheffield city centre will in not so many years be a ghost town. It’s already halfway there as it is.

Finally, “Hurrah” to Ms Richardson. She has become well respected for her view on Sheffield’s historic buildings and long may she remain.

As for EB Warris, he should book himself into a Specsavers shop if he can’t see the beauty of all the city’s historic buildings.

I have yet to see any modern building sporting any artefact that the builders in the past put on the walls of our Victorian/Edwardian buildings.

I doubt now if I ever will.

Pete Godfrey