Book Flood

Like Jayne Grayson we were sad to read of the number of children without books in Sheffield.

Monday, 15th January 2018, 5:34 am
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 5:40 am

Last November we set up Sheffield Book Flood to give books to children at Christmas. Children who might not get a book. Children whose parents use foodbanks or other charities. Families without a tradition of reading.

The kindness of the people of Sheffield was overwhelming. In five short weeks we had over 1,300 new books donated either by book or monetary donations. People donated through libraries, by phoning us, by bringing books round, through Rhyme & Reason books and in response to a Radio Sheffield appeal via Toby Foster.

We were out delivering in the snow. Books went to children supported by 19 organisations, including three foodbanks, four playgroups, three nursery classes, four charities, children from the Karen refugee community and a homework club, (we’ll have a properly audited report of our activities out in the near future).

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A small start, we know but we intend to have another flood next Christmas and hopefully other activities during the year. It would be great if others would join in. We can be contacted via [email protected]

Victoria Penman & Sioned-Mair Richards

Sheffield Book Flood, 07563117696

Rip-Off BBC Holidays

I see we have the holiday version of BBCs Rip Off Britain back on our screens from another sunny climate with the regular smiling three presenters in the forms of Hunniford, Rippon and Bond.

Is there any wonder they are smiling, sunning themselves while presenting a programme full of library footage and interviews with people who were on holiday and are now back home in the British weather while the three smiling blue rinse grannies sun it up.

The whole programme could be done from the UK. Let’s see them sitting smiling in pouring rain on a Skeggy bench, but no, while ever we are paying our license fees to the BBC they can afford to send these, over there, overpaid, free holiday-grabbing grannies on all-expenses-paid holidays, courtesy of the British TV licence payers. Perhaps it should be called Rip off BBC Holiday programme Special.

Dave M

by email

We all play our part

Just a footnote to your column, When normal is such good news. There is more to the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust and the NHS as a whole than the faces that are seen. Everyone plays their part, we are all cogs in the machine that makes STH a brilliant team. I myself work in Pharmacy.

I would like to add my new years’ blessings to all my colleagues around the trust.

Julie Smith

by email

Christmas Surprise

It was Christmas Day, it’s 5.20pm, I’m on my way home from Christmas dinner at my daughter’s, there’s been no buses all day, all the buses are stacked in the depot, all the bus drivers are in their armchairs sleeping off their Christmas dinners.

Going up Mansfield Road towards Manor Top into the part-time bus lane, round the one-way system on to Ridgeway Road and home sweet home.

It’s 9.30am on January 10, and the post man’s been, it’s a letter from the council with a photo of my car on a completely empty street.

I have got a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice for £60.

I will of course be contesting this, but come on City Council Dick Turpin wore a mask.

John Roper

Elm Tree, House, S12

Magical reading

Going back to what Jayne Grayson wrote in her letter of children not owning any books, I only ever owned two books in my school years – they were Tom Brown’s School days and Billy Bunter, along with the weekly Beano and Dandy comics.

They didn’t do a lot for my education but, boy, they made magical reading back in the day.

EB Warris

by email


Jayne Grayson should keep her nose out of other peoples (sic) affairs, if parents don’t want to get books for there (sic)children or if children are not interested in books it is non (sic) of her business.

Half of the so-called celebrities and sports people are not all that well educated, (you can tell that on some of the quiz shows), but that hasn’t stopped them from reaching the top of their chosen profession.

I didn’t read books as a youngster, so at 72 years old and 57 years full employment it hasn’t done me all that much harm.

How dare she say parents should be ashamed for not doing what she wants. Not everyone has to go to university, so bring your children up as you wish but don’t criticise others.

Graham Barnett


Don’t know what your doing

National Health Service: Chaos because of cuts and Mr Hunt.

Railways: On strike again costing industry thousands, because of one man’s wage, (the guard), and Mr Grayling failing to see the safety factor which all railmen acknowledge is necessary. Also, this government hates unions.

Police: Thousands of men short and crime figures sky high, especially knife crime.

Prisons: Riots etc. because of reliance on private companies and staff shortages.

Brexit: What a shambles of the whole idea of voting to be worse off than before.

Councils: Funds cut by this government if you voted for Labour.

Pensions: People having to wait longer to receive monies due, hoping people will die before being eligible.

Being excited about the Royal wedding will not get Mrs May off the hook.

I have lived 86 years and this government is the worse in my living memory.

Football fans sometimes chant “You don’t know what you are doing.”

This applies to Mrs May and her government plus Mr Trump.

Brian Gannon