Bomber Command honoured at last

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Thank goodness Bomber Command have, at last, been recognised with the superb memorial in Green Park.

It is a shame it has taken so long. How can anyone have been against it?

Do the moaners and the politically correct brigade not realise if it had not been for nearly 60,000 young men of Bomber Command who lost their lives, they might not be here to moan and nit pick?

As for apologising, what for? Dreadful things happen in wartime, yes, we bombed Germany but what about Britain?

London was blanket- bombed every night for months, Coventry was flattened, also Sheffield because of the steelworks and many of our ports took a hammering.

All this and we started neither of the World Wars.

So enough with this country always having to say sorry and let’s give thanks to those wonderful young men of Bomber Command.

One more thing – many congratulations to Ron Humberstone on joining the Royalists as last.

P Kelsey, Sheffield S17

I keep saying I’m chuffed and I am.

Amongst the rain-flattened poppies, amidst the Medieval and Tudor ruins, the pottery shards make it hard for the poppy crosses to dig in.

Rain squalls and brief sunshine, the lady from the Royal British Legion, the Reverend tending her flock, York and Lancs veterans, Warhorse re-enactors, Sheffield Pipe Band, Flowers of The Forest, folk in Tudor costume, locals, no white roses or plaque yet but it’s a start.

Another corner of Sheffield, another Sheffield Park that is a foreign field and we are all Sheffield Pals today.

Manor Lodge, June 30, 2012. Yes I’m chuffed.

Ron Clayton, S6