Bolsover, Derbyshire named devil worshipping capital of Britain

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Better the devil you know...

That is, of course, if you live in Bolsover.

Bizarrely, the town has been named the Devil-worshipping capital in Britain, according to the latest Census data.

While filling out details for the Office For National Statistics, thousands across the country put down all manner of religious beliefs, from Christians to Buddhists, as well as Pagans, Star Wars’ Jedi Knights, Scientologists to those who said they worship heavy metal.

But before people make a grab for their crucifix, only 17 people in Bolsover indicated they worshipped the anti-Christ - which was still enough to label the town as Britain’s biggest fans of the fork-tailed Price of Darkness.

A spokesman for the Office For National Statistics would not comment on whether they thought the data was genuine, but added: “We collect the data and whatever people’s choices in how they fill in the religious affiliation is entirely up to them.”