Boiling mad over car refund

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WHEN Nicola Fort’s new car blew up within minutes of purchase because there was no coolant in the radiator, she expected a full refund and a grovelling apology.

The Car Shop of Doncaster refunded the £5,499 price of her Mini – but it appeared to take issue with the £68 she’d spent filling it with petrol.

Nicola, aged 38, was driving it home and had just reached the M62 when plumes of black smoke poured from the engine and she lost all power.

Terrified, she coasted to the hard shoulder and called for help.

Three days later the company refunded her after a probe revealed the car had had a new radiator, but it was left empty.

But the petrol was a no go. Six weeks after the incident the firm said in a letter ‘we are not in a position to refund you’.

Nicola said: “I feel my life was put in danger and the service I have received since has been outrageously bad.

“I did eventually get a refund for the car cost; it involved me practically staging a sit-in their office.

But it has come to the point of me contacting you as they refuse to refund my petrol. ”

A Car Shop spokesman said the had sent Nicola £250.

He added: “We are disappointed to hear that the matter was not handled sympathetically and outside of our procedures.”