Bogus ‘police officer’ steals jewels from woman, 88

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A thief posed as a police officer to steal money and jewellery from the home of an 88-year-old woman.

The callous conman struck in Wentworth after tricking the pensioner into believing he was a detective investigating a spate of burglaries.

The man – who claimed he was in plain clothes as he worked for CID – asked the woman to show him where she kept her cash and jewellery, and then stole the items after asking his victim to close all the windows in her home.

Police are linking the incident to another in Kimberworth Park, where cash and jewellery were stolen from an 85-year-old woman by a bogus water board worker who knocked on her door.

Det Chf Insp Dave Stopford, of South Yorkshire Police, urged householders to be careful.

“These people prey on the vulnerable and elderly so even if you turn someone away please call the police before they are able to identify a victim further down the road.

“Check identification. If you are not satisfied don’t let them in. Call the police. We would rather come and find the caller is genuine than risk someone losing their possessions.”