Bogey-man comes

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I READ with amusement how councillors and other politicians are bleating that a mayor for Sheffield would be nothing short of the bogey-man coming to frighten the life out of us, that are on the outside of the closed doors of the Town Hall. The amusement turns into a good old belly laugh when the councillors say it would lead to a dictatorship.

I’ve got one question to ask of our councillors and others who are against the mayoral system: when was the last time that Joe Public got to elect the leader of our sunny city under the present system of governing? The answer: never.

Bower, Blunkett, Betts, Wilson, Scriven and Dore were all put in place by a few cronies in their party.

Was Joe Public consulted? No! Not very democratic is it?

We have leaders forced onto us that we haven’t got a clue about by a party in power that sticks to a dogma whether it’s good for the city or not.

The opposition’s no better. Whether a good idea comes out of the Town Hall or not, the opposition is against it because the ‘enemy’ thought of it first!

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to have a leader that Joe Public had put in place? A non-politically correct, business minded stubborn bu**er, someone that calls a spade a spade and if it’s a good idea, then no matter who thought of it first they make a decision and they implement it. Then, maybe, councillors would actually have to start seriously taking part in debates instead of, as witnessed, sitting with their feet on the desks and reading the paper while someone is speaking because they know their dogma is going to be implemented anyway. Then they’d have to lobby hard to get their ideas through.

Are we to take this opportunity, or shall we leave it to the party in power as usual? The bogey-man cometh on May 3.

Gary Charlesworth