Body building Sheffield grandad Mr Great Britain

Nigel Cox of Nortpon,Mr Great Britain
Nigel Cox of Nortpon,Mr Great Britain
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FORGET the pipe and slippers - this Sheffield grandfather is all about ripped abs, toned limbs and lashings of fake tan.

Body builder Nigel Cox has proved he has still got it after scooping the biggest accolade of his career - at the age of 51.

Nigel, of Norton, was crowned Mr Great Britain by the National Amateur Body Builder’s Association after a gruelling 18-week training regime. The honour means he has gained automatic entry to Mr Universe, which takes place in Southport in November.

And now the building company owner - who is grandfather to Layla, three, and six-week-old Ollie - has his sights set firmly on the prize.

In fact, he is so focused he has refused to put his feet up when he goes on holiday to Greece this summer.

Nigel, who has been married to wife Jane for 26 years, said: “In preparation for the Mr Great Britain I was on a high protein diet, mainly tuna, chicken and turkey. I’d have about one day a week when I didn’t train.

“I’ll still train when I’m away. I’ll find a gym and do some work like I do here. I might go a little bit easier than normal because I’m on holiday, but when I come back I’ll start preparing properly for Mr Universe because that’s my dream. I came fifth in it last year and I want to win it this time. I’m in pretty good shape at the minute and I don’t have that much excess fat to lose.

“Jane comes with me to my competitions and helps tan me up. She’s always been very supportive.”

Father-of-two Nigel began body building at the age of 15, keen to follow in the footsteps of his hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was featured in The Star in 1984 when he won his first title in Newcastle - where he had his car stolen from outside the venue as he collected his prize.

Nigel said: “The Star made quite a big thing of it! I got the car back in the end - just without the wheels and the radio.”

His dedication to body-building sees him juggle full-time work with travelling to Total Rebuild gym in Rotherham six days a week. Despite edging closer to retirement age, he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Nigel said: “It’s more of a novelty when you get older. In your 50s you’re almost expected to have a beer belly. You definitely have to watch your diet more.

“I like waking up and looking like this every morning.

“I couldn’t imagine not having the muscles.”