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A few years ago I read two books written by a South Yorkshire beat bobby, retired, Martyn Johnson, which made very interesting reading.

In his opinion police officers should be put back on foot.

I see from a recent front page article (June 9) about residents being in fear on a Sheffield estate, that there are no beat bobbies on foot.

In the books Martyn Johnson said that crime won’t be solved until police get back on their feet, get to know the criminals and stop them before they start.

He also wrote that today’s police officers have every modern aid, stab vests, spray guns etc while all the police had in his day were a cape, which was rolled up to defend themselves against knife attacks, a helmet, whistle and as he put it, a 12in piece of wood, (truncheon). They had one police car, today’s police have a fleet of cars, which rush about with blues and twos on.

Crime is far worse these days. I wonder, is all this speeding around in police cars, blues and twos on, to warn the criminals, we’re on our way, thus giving criminals time to remove themselves from the scene of the crime.

Let us have police where we and criminals can see them, not in patrol cars.

Eileen Stennett