Blunkett wants officers to say sorry over slur

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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MP DAVID Blunkett is demanding an apology from Scotland Yard after an officer told the FBI Sheffield was ‘not exactly the jewel in England’s crown’.

Hacking network Anonymous said the remark came in a conference call between FBI and UK officers about talks on cyber-crime in Sheffield.

One UK officer told FBI counterparts they had not missed much by not visiting the city. The officer said Sheffield was ‘not a jewel in England’s crown’.

Anonymous has released a tape of the call.

An investigation is now under way into how the call could have been recorded.

Mr Blunkett, Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, said: “We need an urgent explanation of what happened in terms of the breach of security between the Metropolitan Police E-crime Unit and the FBI, the nature and perpetrators of the breach, the reasons for lax security between the agencies and the steps now being taken to put things right.

“Those involved should offer an apology to the British people for putting such sensitive discussion at risk, but also to the people of Sheffield for the gratuitous and completely-unwarranted slur on Britain’s fourth largest city.

“Clearly as well as not knowing what they are doing in terms of security, those holding conversations do not know anything about the north of England either.”