Blunkett may have had phone messages intercepted

David Blunkett
David Blunkett
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BRIGHTSIDE MP David Blunkett has decided not to take legal action after allegations emerged that his mobile phone messages may have been hacked into by journalists.

Mr Blunkett is reported to believe that he was having some of his voicemails intercepted as he battled to save his cabinet career in late 2004.

The then Home Secretary was at the centre of a media storm following revelations of a three-year relationship with magazine publisher Kimberly Quinn and accusations, which he denied, that he had fast-tracked a visa for her nanny.

The controversy eventually led to his resignation from the Home Office.

Allegations that a serving Home Secretary may have had his messages intercepted are among the most serious to emerge from the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

It comes a fortnight after former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown asked police to investigate whether he was a victim of phone hacking.

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott, the former culture secretary Tessa Jowell and former chief whip Nick Brown also believe they could have been victims of eavesdropping.

Mr Blunkett’s office declined to comment over the claims.

However, it is understood that the Sheffield MP has decided not to take legal action over the alleged hacking and has no plans to ask the police to investigate the claims.

Mr Blunkett resigned in December 2004 after four months of intense media scrutiny.

An inquiry into whether he misused his position to fast-track a visa application for Mrs Quinn’s nanny found a “chain of events” linking him to the nanny receiving leave to remain in the UK 120 days faster than the average.

But it also concluded there was no evidence that Mr Blunkett had sought “special help” for the nanny.