Blundering Sheffield driver ran from police after crash but made one simple mistake

Driver crashes in Goldthorpe - SYP Operational Support
Driver crashes in Goldthorpe - SYP Operational Support
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A driver who crashed his car before running away from police was caught after making one simple error.

The driver was trying to avoid police as he sped through Goldthorpe and decided to try and evade police off-road.

Despite his best efforts, the driver couldn't navigate the tricky terrain and ended up crashing in a field.

He then decided to try and evade by capture by running away from officers through the fields.

But officers had little trouble detecting the driver after leaving behind his name and address inside the car.

A South Yorkshire Police Operational Support spokesperson said: "This vehicle tried to give us the run around yesterday in Goldthorpe then went off road but not very well.

"The driver took to his feet across the fields, however...... he did leave his name & address inside the car.

"We recovered the car and off to the crusher it goes and a summons to court will soon follow."