Blue bins are much better

I was interested to read in this week's Star that the council are looking at ways to up the amount of recycling householders can do to reach the government's targets.

Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 6:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 7:09 am

I think the blue boxes are useless.

When they are full of paper they are too heavy for many people to carry out.

The covers are not robust enough to stand up to the refuse collectors ripping them off to empty.

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The elastic breaks within weeks, allowing paper to be blown about on a windy day littering the streets.

I know new covers can be requested from the council but how many people bother to do that?

I asked the council last year, if instead of the blue box, I could have a second blue bin, thus allowing me to recycle more plastics and paper than I do now.

The answer was a flat no.

Surely it would be much more sensible to recall all blue boxes and recycle their plastic into blue bins so the council could get nearer or reach their government targets?

Also with two blue bins it would be quicker to empty into the wagon as the refuse workers would not have to tip boxes into a black bin, then the black bin into the truck.

This would cut out a lot of heavy lifting for all concerned.

I appreciate there would be a large cost in doing all this but in the long term it would surely save money and the environment.

S Chamberlain


City should be proud

Let’s be clear, Jess Ennis-Hill didn’t fail to win gold at the Olympics, it was an achievement to have won a silver medal.

She was one of the oldest and shortest competitors in the heptathlon competition and she had also lost half of the training time since the last Olympics by having a baby.

After having her baby, she had to do a hell of a lot of work to get back into the sort of physical condition necessary to win a silver medal at the Olympics.

No shouting the odds, she just got stuck into the training and got on with it.

Sadly, look at the other side of sport, in the Forestieri pantomime at Hillsborough.


To me, Jess is a far bigger sporting icon than Forestieri, and a lot less trouble.

Sheffield should be really proud of her.

Steve Collins