Blue badge fraud and yobs

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In last night’s Star, December 5, page 15, Crime Reports it was reported that five motorists in Rotherham have been prosecuted for misuse of disabled blue badges.

This is a regular occurrence in Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield, but not once in Sheffield.

I, as a disabled blue badge holder, regularly see people park in disabled bays, display a badge, then walk quickly away and return with bags of shopping, so they are obviously not disabled.

I have reported this to traffic wardens and they say they have to see them exiting the vehicle.

A quick call to Howden House with the serial number of the badge tells them instantly who the badge is registered to but it’s too much trouble – disgraceful.

Also the only supermarket car park that does not issue penalties for parking in a disabled bay is Tesco and guess what, these bays are abused constantly.

Secondly, yobs on London Road smashed a bus window at 4.30 pm last Sunday. When are the police going to make a proper example of these toerags? Because someone, sooner or later, is going to lose an eye or worse.