Blow-up sex doll found abandoned on Sheffield roadside

Litter pickers in Sheffield often discover unusual items, but this one surely takes the biscuit.

The blow-up sex doll was found, looking somewhat deflated, on a patch of grass at the corner of Holland Road and Asline Street in Lowfield, close to the U-Mix Centre football pitches.

A blow-up sex doll found abondoned near the corner of Holland Road and Asline Road in Lowfield, Sheffield

A blow-up sex doll found abondoned near the corner of Holland Road and Asline Road in Lowfield, Sheffield

Johnny Tyson, who is a member of the recently-formed Meersbrook litter picking group, stumbled across the bizarre object while passing on his way to work on Monday.

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The 49-year-old cabinet maker, who lives in Meersbrook, shared this photo on the Sheffield Litter Pickers Facebook page, along with the message: “Behold! The weird things that Sheffield folk casually discard on the road side!”

The father-of-one said he understandably didn’t stop to investigate more closely, so doesn’t know whether or not the doll had been used.

“This area’s always really bad for litter but that day there was so much rubbish in and around the bushes I stopped to take a photo, which is when I noticed the doll,” he explained.

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“At first I only saw the face and thought someone was lying on the grass but then I realised what it was.

“I know litter pickers are always finding strange things but I’m not sure they’ve ever found anything stranger than this.

“It made me laugh but I decided not to pick it up or investigate any further.”

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Mr Tyson said he joined the Meersbrook litter pickers  because he felt something needed to be done about the state of Sheffield’s streets.

“The city’s in a right state at the moment.There’s litter everywhere and it seems to be getting worse,” he said.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the people chucking litter but I’m a bit disgusted and I wanted to do something about it.”

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