Blooming plan for Sheffield riverside

Greening of West Bar
Greening of West Bar
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A grey Sheffield street is set to be lined with greenery in a scheme to reinvigorate the area after a former market shut down.

The route along West Bar to Castlegate will be narrowed from four lanes to two, and a mixture of wildflowers, plants, grasses and bulbs will be planted.

It is hoped the work, costing £3.6m and funded by EU and Government cash to be spent by September next year, will transform the link between the Riverside Business District and the city centre and help with flood prevention.

Wildflower experts from The University of Sheffield, who designed the spectacular meadows at London’s Olympic Park, are involved.

Professor Nigel Dunnett, of the department of landscape, said: “The Grey to Green project is one of the most ambitious and visionary urban transformation projects in the country, further boosting Sheffield’s credentials as a green city.”

The council hopes developers will be encouraged to invest if the environment is more attractive.

Sustainable drainage, walking and cycling routes will also be included.

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for investment, said: “It’s an area that will not only link the city centre with Victoria Quays and The Wicker, but also provide an attractive green space to complement local businesses and make it an attractive location for further investment.”

The project is part of a package of measures in the city centre’s Sheffield City Region Investment Fund submission.

It will be approved by council leader Julie Dore soon.

Star reader Andrew Turner said: “I live at Shalesmoor - any scheme to reinvigorate the area is good.”