'˜Blood in Pea' campaign arrives in Hillsborough

A roadshow, to raise awareness of the symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer, will be in Sheffield this week.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 5:00 am
Reunion: Dad's Army star Ian Lavendar and old pal Roger Walton at Barnsley's Lamproom Theatre.

Its arrival in the city follows recent figures that revealed 160 people are diagnosed with one of these cancers in Sheffield each year and that approximately half die of the diseases, often due to late diagnosis.

Actor Ian Lavender, a survivor of bladder cancer, is supporting the ‘Blood in Pea’ campaign, which will be at Hillsborough Shopping Exchange today and tomorrow.

The Dad’s Army star said: “The message is a simple one - ‘look before you flush’ and make sure you go and see your GP if you notice blood in your pee. Spread the word, someone you know might have this symptom and reminding them to get it checked could save their life - it saved mine.”

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Early diagnosis of bladder and kidney cancer increases the chances of survival, so being aware of the symptoms is crucial. For those diagnosed at the earliest stage, the likelihood of surviving five years or more can be as high as 84 percent for kidney cancer and 77 per cent for bladder cancer. However, for those diagnosed at a late stage, survival is as low as 10 per centfor kidney cancer and 9 per cent for bladder cancer.

The ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ roadshow encourages anyone who notices blood in their pee, even if it’s ‘just the once,’ to visit their GP to get it checked out. A nurse will be present in Hillsborough to talk to anyone who has questions.

Matt Day, from Public Health England in Yorkshire and The Humber, said: “Bladder and kidney cancers claim over 750 lives each year across the region. Being clear about the symptoms can help save lives. Come along to the roadshow to find out more about signs to look out for, like blood in pee.”