Blood donation plea as supply runs short

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BLOOD service managers are appealing for extra donations from across South Yorkshire as stocks have been hit by bad weather disrupting deliveries.

Stocks of blood groups O Rh negative and B Rh negative are under ‘particular’ pressure, as demand from hospitals continues.

Jon Latham, assistant director at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We need those donors who are able to reach their local sessions to continue to do so.

“If you have an appointment please try to keep it. We’re particularly asking O Rh negative and B Rh negative donors, who are eligible to donate, to make an appointment now to give blood or just come along to a local session.”

Donors with blood group O Rh negative are typically known as the “universal donor” as their blood can be given to patients with a different blood group, while donors with the blood group B Rh negative are more often found in black and ethnic minority communities.