Blitz to tackle tenants with messy gardens

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MESSY tenants are being targeted in a blitz by a housing management company.

Berneslai Homes, which looks after thousands of council houses in Barnsley, has identified the borough’s 100 worst gardens and taken action against the owners.

The company said its exercise was a ‘great success’.

It led to resolution or improvement in 75 gardens after four weeks.

Of the outstanding 25 gardens, one was identified for ongoing support and 19 required enforcement interventions.

Five were recently-sold properties. Berneslai Homes said it was ‘working to get a satisfactory resolution’ in those cases.   

Mark McGee, Berneslai Homes director of housing management, said: “We continue to be impressed with the results of these exercises, which highlight the important work our housing management teams carry out on a regular basis.

“It is essential people respect their neighbourhoods and it only takes a few overgrown gardens, a bit of graffiti and litter to slowly lead down the path of crime and anti-social behaviour.” 

The exercise was the first of three Berneslai Homes plans to hold this year, with the next to be carried out from the start of July.

Mr McGee said: “The exercise has proved to be a great success.

“This is thanks to the early intervention and the offer of support and or enforcement.

“We want to ensure the borough - and our estates in particular - have a pleasant and clean environment for people to live.”

A date has not yet been set for the third 100 Worst Gardens exercise, which will be held later in the year.