Blair helped to get us in a mess, too

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LAST Thursday S Ellis gave a one-sided view on why the country’s in a mess.

No doubt whatsoever Thatcher and her clan played a substantial part, but then it was Blair and Brown with their Tory policies that got the Con/Lib mob elected.

It was Blair with his boot-licking of Bush and his momentous piece of fiction that took us to war with Iraq.

We have more than 400 young men in coffins, mothers and fathers without sons, children without fathers and wives turned into widows plus billions spent on armaments instead of what the country needs.

It was Blair and Brown who brought in Private Funding Initiative (PFI) to fund all manner of things in the National Health Service which is costing the NHS (ie the taxpayer) at least 10 times more than if it had been done in house, providing profiteers with more profits.

Neither Blair nor Brown brought about any changes to the anti-trade union legislation brought in by Thatcher.

The Trade Union Movement created the Labour Party to look after workers’ interests.

They got tired of living in extreme poverty in a land of plenty.

Now, the Tory Party and Labour Party are on the same side except for an honourable few.

The Labour Party will not bring about any change to capitalism by constantly attacking it viciously with a ragman’s balloon.

Both the Con/Libs and the Labour Party got us in to this hole and they are both still digging.

Cliff Wright