Blades fans column: No late deals, no worries for United

James Wallace
James Wallace
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Transfer deadline day passed quietly for United, though I guess Cloughie, Mal Brannigan and others would have been hard at work.

Indeed, they tell us that a substantial bid (reported to be in the region of £200,000) was made for a striker currently with a Championship team.

It didn’t really surprise me that no business was done (albeit I expected that one or two might go out on loan).

I see that as a good thing; it shows that Cloughie is not going to panic and be forced into paying over the odds.

To others, however, it was a disaster, apparently proving that the Blades are tight and have no ambition. Messageboarders (so I’m told, I don’t read the things) were up in arms.

“What has this Prince ever done for us?” they were asking. “Is Kevin McCabe really bothered?” “What’s happened to the Harry Maguire and FA Cup money?”

They conveniently forget, however, the whole team of players that Cloughie brought in before September 1st, and surely isn’t that the best way to go about things?

Why would you want to complete your squad in a mad rush three weeks after the start of the season – when prices are high – when you can have most of it done by mid July, as Cloughie did?

They also forget the transfer fees the last two managers have spent: Lyle Taylor £250,000; Jose Baxter £350,000; Florent Cuvelier £175,000; Stefan Scougall £400,000; Marc McNulty £125,000; Harrison McGahey (fee unknown).

That’s around £1.3 million, and which other League One clubs have spent that amount of money in the space of just over a year?

And there is a player already here who is as good as a deadline day signing.

I have only seen James Wallace for ten minutes at Preston but he was mightily impressive.

Strong, athletic, aggressive and authoritative – just the type of midfielder we’ve been lacking for a while.