Blades are big fans of healthy school dinners

Mohamed Hasam and Sarah Zintchem, from Springfield school, tucking in
Mohamed Hasam and Sarah Zintchem, from Springfield school, tucking in
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DELICIOUS dinners are on the menu for Sheffield schoolchildren thanks to a new five year catering deal agreed this term for more than 120 city primaries.

Pupils from schools around the city were invited to an event to launch a new era of healthier eating - with the help of representatives from Sheffield United.

The Blades are supporting contractor Taylor Shaw as part of their United Initiative community programme, which aims to make the city’s children fitter and healthier.

Youngsters mixed with the VIPs at Lowfield Primary in Heeley - before tucking into a tasty lunch of chicken and vegetable pie, mashed potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables.

For afters came a choice of shortbread, a muffin or fresh fruit salad.

United defender Andy Taylor, aged 25, one of the club’s health ambassadors, was there to sample his first school meal in many a year.

“I’ve been training this morning so I’ve worked up quite an appetite,” he said.

“I used to love school dinners, especially the chocolate puddings. I’m not sure how healthy they were though - my favourite was sausage, chips and gravy!

“But this is all very nice indeed - I’m particularly enjoying the roasted veggies and I might even go back for seconds.

“Food is very important for footballers - food is fuel and you want to treat your body to the best there is around,” Andy said.

Lowfield pupils Mujahid Ali, aged 10, and Angel Rowen, nine, said they had been enjoying the lunches every day this term.

“It’s really good healthy food - but my favourite is still burgers,” said Mujahid. “I have them with broccoli though!”

Angel said her favourite lunch was fish and chips - though with a salad with plenty of cucumber.

“The meals this term have tasted really different,” she said.

“We know the meals are meant to be healthier but they still have our favourite things too, like pizza - we get three types to choose from!”

Two of the guest pupils were Isabel Berriman and Sam White, the head boy and girl from Intake Primary.

They said they both normally took packed lunches to school, so a cooked lunch was a rarity.

“It’s all nice - I might change my mind and have a school lunch in future,” Isabel said.

Pupils were also invited from Birley, Dore and Springfield primaries.