Black Swan was a great music venue

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I read the article about live music in Sheffield, mentioned was The Black Swan, this used to be a venue on the music circuit, you could look in the Daily Mirror on a Thursday to see where the bands on the circuit were playing the following weekend.

We used to go to the Black Swan and saw many good bands there.

In the article it was mentioned about the Sex Pistols and Clash being there.

We were there that night, The Sex Pistols played (punk was just evolving) and it didn’t go down well with the crowd especially when Johnny Rotten said what’s a matter with you, any group from London is great.

Then Joe Strummer saved the evening by introducing The Clash which he had just formed and this was their first gig, they were brilliant.

Joe was a regular on the circuit fronting the 101,ers who were very popular then.

Also a mention to the landlord in those days Bob Rooney who ran a great venue, Happy Days.