Bit rich for Labour to campaign for park toilets

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I see Labour city councillors in East Ecclesfield have started a petition asking that Ecclesfield Parish Council reopen the toilets at Chapeltown Park.

While I have also campaigned for them to be reopened and think that being near the park entrance they should be preserved, we should not forget it was the Labour councillors who actually closed them, so it seems a bit rich of them to be running a petition.

Indeed, I find it incredible that the East Ecclesfield Labour councillors appear to be petitioning themselves to change their minds regarding the toilets and expect the parish council to simply pick up the tab.

In the Star on August 15 John Housely (chairman of Ecclesfield Parish Council) said that Sheffield City Council still have many questions to answer. It is only sensible that these issues are resolved to reveal the whole picture before the Parish Council commit residents’ money. As a resident in East Ecclesfield (and someone who campaigned for their refurbishment and against their closure), I back this realistic approach.

While Sheffield City Council blame the closure of the toilets and libraries, the removal of funding at Don Valley stadium and Stocksbridge Leisure Centre and the reduction in hours at the recycling centres in High Green and Deepcar on national cutbacks. I think they have simply got their priorities wrong.

Colin Taylor

East Ecclesfield