Bishop hails completion of first phase of building work

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The Bishop of Sheffield welcomed Easter worshippers to the newly refurbished Sheffield Cathedral – in its first test run since the major phase of improvement works were completed.

The Bishop, the Right Reverend Dr Steven Croft said: “The work is not finished yet and will go on for some months. However, it’s a magnificent symbol this Easter Day to see this ancient building made new, to see what it will be like.”

Dr Croft spoke of the history of the site, with a church being there for more than 1,000 years, allowing the people of Sheffield somewhere ‘to pray to the risen lord Sunday by Sunday and day by day, in moments of peril and difficulty, in the crises of their lives, at the great festivals of the year’.

He said: “Our cathedral will be a sign in this great city of the renewing power of the Christian gospel and of confidence in that message in the years to come.”