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YOU have to wonder what our binmen are trying to achieve by predicting chaos with the start of the new fortnightly collections next week.

Come Monday, residents will be asked to conform to the new waste collection routine enforced by the council which is having to save millions of pounds.

The council first tried to alleviate the problem by saying residents could leave black bags next to their bins for the first couple of weeks and offered binmen £600 each for the inconvenience of picking them up - an offer they rejected.

The authority has spent thousands of pounds producing literature informing residents about the new schedules and detailing what will happen to their waste.

But instead of helping to smooth the process of change, all we have witnessed is a tirade of complaints and predictions of gloom from the binmen on whom we will rely to collect our waste.

Their latest gripe is that they have only been given a week to learn the 10 new routes on their rounds.

How hard can that be? A simple map of each route laminated and placed in the cabs of the lorries would surely suffice - or are they so used to driving with sat navs that they have totally lost the ability to follow directions?

Come on binmen. It is time to accept that change has to happen and to do your bit to make this as smooth as possible for the sake of the public who pay your wages.

Toil in the soil so very worthwhile

EVERYTHING in the garden is rosy and it’s all thanks to a TV show.

Gardening expert Joe Swift, along with TV presenters Anneka Rice and Phil Tufnell, dropped in on Woodland View Nursing Home at Norton, where they helped to create a sensory garden as part of BBC show The Flowerpot Gang.

The garden has a vegetable patch, a summer house and a ‘yellow brick road’ path. It’s designed to stimulate the senses of service users who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

Everyone is a winner in this splendid project.

The home gets a great garden which can only benefit residents, TV gets a great show and the big names will get a sense of fulfilment difficult to match.

Honour our Jess

SO Jess Ennis has welcomed calls to rename the Don Valley Stadium after her Olympic glory - albeit in her humble way. It is now time for the stadium owners SIV to honour her.