Bin disruption on hold after fresh pay offer is made

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‘Work to rule’ industrial action by Sheffield binmen which could have left thousands of households’ rubbish uncollected has been suspended after a new pay offer was made.

Workers for Sheffield Council contractor Veolia had voted overwhelmingly for industrial action, on a 90 per cent turnout, after the company offered a two per cent pay rise.

The sum it receives from Sheffield Council to cover the services increases each year in line with inflation - and binmen wanted a similar rise.

Talks to discuss the issue have been held between the GMB trade union, representing staff, and the company via arbitration service ACAS.

Households could have been hit by work to rule because one third of rounds rely on staff working overtime.

A Veolia spokesman said: “Following a joint meeting at ACAS with the GMB Union, we have made a new pay offer for its members to consider and would hope the ballot has a positive outcome.

“We can confirm the planned industrial action will be suspended until the result is known enabling refuse and recycling services for residents to continue normally.”

Details of the pay offer have not been revealed.