Bikers urged to keep safe

motorcyclists on a bike safety course in South Yorkshire
motorcyclists on a bike safety course in South Yorkshire
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Motorcyclists enjoying their freedom on South Yorkshire roads this summer are being urged to take extra care to avoid being killed or seriously injured.

Last year there were two riders fatally injured on the county’s roads - a reduction on the year before - but the number of serious casualties increased.

Motorcyclists account for one per cent of road traffic but 19 per cent of deaths on the roads.

To drive down the figure the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership has placed posters on the back of buses aimed at bikers and motorists.

They remind bikers to take extra care when filtering in slow-moving traffic and to look out for pedestrians crossing between vehicles and motorists emerging from junctions or changing lanes.

Motorists are reminded to take longer to look for bikes at junctions, when changing lanes and when queuing and deciding to turn right or make a U turn.

Courses for motorcyclists are also being offered for free or at a discounted rate for those wanting to refresh their skills.

Joanne Wehrle, manager of the Safer Roads Partnership, said: “This campaign is aimed at improving the awareness of riders and drivers to reduce the number of casualties involving powered two-wheelers.

“Drivers need to be vigilant and look out for motorcyclists and scooter riders, being mindful of their needs and vulnerability.

“Riders also need to take sensible precautions when using the road. Wearing the right protective gear can save your life if you are involved in a collision.

“We would urge all riders to consider further skills training to improve their safety and enjoyment on the road. The partnership offers a range of free and subsidised skills sessions for riders of all ages and abilities.”

Visit www.lifewise999.co.uk/road-safety