Bikers hit the road in Archie’s memory

Jason Jenkinson (right) a firefighter raising cash for charity
Jason Jenkinson (right) a firefighter raising cash for charity
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A Sheffield dad’s fundraising efforts after his son’s death led to firefighters from London travelling to the city with a cheque.

Firefighter Jason Jenkinson, aged 43, from Rivelin, lost his son Archie 13 hours after he was born prematurely in December 2011.

He is raising cash for the neonatal intensive care unit at Sheffield’s Jessop Wing hospital as a thank you to staff for their efforts to save his newborn son.

And firefighters from London who heard of his efforts raised £545 by travelling up the M1 to Sheffield on Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Jason said: “This was a very traumatic time, but the care we received following this and up until the birth of our daughter Poppy May earlier this year was unbelievable.

“I am so grateful to all the staff at the Jessop Wing and wanted to raise funds for Sheffield Hospitals Charity to ensure other families receive the same high quality of care that we did.

“I travelled to the USA with a number of firemen from London to mark the tenth Anniversary of 9/11. They heard about what had happened to me and my partner and were touched by this and decided to fundraise for the charity.

“This year they travelled up the M1 in the pouring rain and presented a cheque for £545. I am amazed my story was noticed by people hundreds of miles away and in these times of hardship.

“I have found this gift to be an especially moving donation.”