Bike thief’s DNA clue

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A MAN who rode a stolen motorbike was netted after his cap blew off and left a trace of his DNA.

Victim Harvey Jones parked a van in front of his garage door to prevent it being opened while he was on holiday.

But raiders forced entry through a side door and stole three motorcycles from the garage in Whitwell.

Bill Taylor, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates a neighbour called police.

“Officers saw a van being followed by someone on a motorcycle. The rider wasn’t wearing a helmet, which made them suspicious.

“They followed but the vehicles got away. However, the rider’s cap blew off and this was the clue that led to the arrest of Charlie Scott,” said Mr Taylor.

Scott, aged 20, initially denied knowledge of the £5,000 bike when told about the DNA match.

Then he changed his story and said he’d agreed to buy a stolen motorbike.

Scott, of Manton Crescent, Worksop, admitted receiving a stolen motorcycle and riding it without insurance, a licence and protective headgear on April 3.

He was jailed for a total of 19 weeks and banned from driving for 18 months by Chesterfield magistrates.