Bike seized in Sheffield after 'anti-social' rider damages another vehicle

This bike was seized by officers in Hillsborough
This bike was seized by officers in Hillsborough
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This bike was seized in Sheffield as part of an ongoing crackdown on anti-social riders, after damaging another vehicle.

The bike was confiscated by officers in Hillsborough yesterday.

Members of the public praised police for taking it off the road but highlighted other examples of reckless and inconsiderate behaviour by drivers on off-road bikes and quad bikes.

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Katherine Inskip asked: "Did anyone else see the idiot on a quad bike pulling wheelies in Hillsborough earlier?"

Sean Lambert said: "I drove through Fir Vale on Friday night and about five very young lads were riding off-road bikes on the roads and pavements. One of them was inexperienced and nearly lost control."

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Christine Wright commented: "I hear them regularly driving up and down Middlewood Road and Taplin Road. I've seen them doing wheelies and I'm worried it won't be long before some innocent person is seriously hurt.

"It makes you wonder what must the parents of these idiots be thinking?"