Bike recycling scheme success for Sheffield University

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MORE than 100 recycled bikes a year are being refurbished by Sheffield University’s ReCycle Bikes project, which works in partnership with the Heeley Development Trust, before being sold on to students.

Travel Planner Darren Hardwick, of the university’s Estates and Facilities Management, said: “Some of these bikes will have come from university donation sessions or collections of unwanted bikes. Students and staff pay £30 for a bike with the remaining cost subsidised by the university, and it all goes back to ReCycle Bikes to cover their costs.

“We tag bikes and give a very reasonable period of time before we remove them. We also look for tell-tale signs that they have been abandoned, things like deflated tyres, rusting parts and cobwebs. There is also some self-policing where cyclists report bikes that haven’t been moved.

“If a bike is in good enough condition it will be fully stripped down, cleaned, completely overhauled and sold as a low cost alternative to a new bike. If they cannot be refurbished and sold, bikes will be stripped for parts.”