Big thumbs up for the children’s afternoon tea at Audrey’s place

Immy at Audrey's Tea Room
Immy at Audrey's Tea Room
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Audrey’s Coffee House is a delightful little gem tucked away in Barnsley.

I spent Saturday afternoon there with Imogen, and a group of friends and toddlers, to sample their children’s afternoon tea. When the platters came, filled with egg, cheese and ham sandwiches cut into perfect little triangles with the crusts off, and handfuls of Pom Bears and Wotsits, our little crew was delighted. Even more so when the dessert plate came, complete with lots of little cakes, sweets and marshmallows. The mummies were also very well looked after, with a platter stuffed with goodies - from coronation chicken sandwiches, to scones and chocolate-covered strawberries.

The interior of the coffee house is perfect for ladies to lunch while little ones run around playing with the selection of toys provided. The best part? The lovely little adventure playground out in the garden where we spent an hour running off the sugar rush!