Bid to track down owner of fish and chip-loving dog dubbed Houdini found in Doncaster

A fish and chip loving dog dubbed Houdini for his numerous escape attempts has been found in Doncaster - and an appeal has gone out to find its owner.

Houdini the dog.
Houdini the dog.

The stray Jack Russell terrier had been spotted at several locations across Doncaster but was finally captured and is now being cared for while efforts are made to find his original owner or rehome him.

Sandra Edwards, who helped co-ordinate the campaign to capture the dog, said: "He was nicknamed Houdini because one minute he was there, then he would be gone and nobody knew how he was managing it!

"He would appear on Cedar Road in Balby and then be seen in Hyde Park outside Fish Bits - his favourite chip shop!"

Sandra is looking after the dog, now called Harry as attempts are made to find an owner.

She said: "We need to try and find out if he has an owner. This could be someone who does not use social media and has not seen the many hundreds and hundreds of leaflets put through letterboxes and posters put up across Doncaster.

"He may also have been dumped or have an owner that does not care nor want him back, in which case, he is on a 28 day retainer with the dog warden/council, so after that we can legally rehome him, thus we are also tentatively looking for a potential owner for him. "

Anyone who can help can contact ​Sandra​ on 07541 968 348.