Bible clue in Canadian’s UK family ancestry search in Sheffield

Catchline: TRACEEB''Canadian Natalie Turner is trying to trace her ancestors in Sheffield after finding a family bible.
Catchline: TRACEEB''Canadian Natalie Turner is trying to trace her ancestors in Sheffield after finding a family bible.
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PROOF it’s a small world – Canadian Natalie Turner is calling on readers of The Star to help her trace long-lost relatives across the pond in Sheffield.

Natalie has made the plea after a family Bible revealed for the first time that her father, who didn’t like talking about the past, hailed from the Steel City.

Natalie, who is known to friends as Tina and lives in Vancouver, said: “When my brother gave me the Bible, I really felt like I’d won the lottery. “It has started answering questions that I have been searching for most of my life.

“When I was growing up I had this yearning in my heart to want to know why I am me.

“I believe in my heart that there is someone in Sheffield who is related to me – I have felt this all my life.”

The bible showed that Natalie’s grandma Alice Copley was born in Sheffield, and married Ernest Turner at Ecclesall Register Office in July 1907.

Their son and her dad, John Harvey Turner, was born in 1912 and later moved to Canada with his mother.

Accounting boss Natalie, 57, added: “I know that all of the above have died, but maybe they had children and some of them could still be alive or their children had children.

“Being on the other side of the planet, I have found it extremely hard to trace relatives.

“When I go into any websites on ancestry it is great if you have a name and dates – then the search will confirm what you have given them, but it doesn’t give you anything else to continue the search.”

Natalie got in touch with The Star as a close friend found she was related to city residents Tony and Christine Barrington from her own search for ancestors.


Natalie’s great-grandfather was born at Sharrow on April 22, 1862, and died in Sheffield in 1931.

He married Alice Collins at St Barnabas Church in Sheffield and she died in the city in 1933.

They had eight children, John William Copley, born 1886, Alice Copley, born 1887, Walter Copley, born 1888, Mary Ada Copley, born in 1890, John Copley, born in 1892, Winifred Copley, born in 1895, Edgar Copley, born in 1898, and Ruth Vera Copley, born in 1902.

Natalie’s grandma was Alice Copley and her father was John Harvey Turner, both born in Sheffield.

* Email if you have information which could help Natalie.