Beware of this scam

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Please warn people to beware of companies who phone to say they have found a fault on your computer.

I do have a computer, but no internet and have seen a warning of this sort of scam. I had five calls in 10 days and only managed to obtain caller numbers once.

KC, S14

Already a busy road

I’M astounded by council plans to build 370 houses in Junction and Beighton Roads, Woodhouse. This is already a very busy area with traffic, including lorries and junctions entering Beighton Road from Beaverhill Road and Station Road. It is already a nightmare trying to cross the road.

OAP, Beighton Road

Tighten their belts

The Government tells everyone to tighten their belts because of the state of the economy but I can’t seem to see politicians changing their lifestyle.

The only people paying are the low to middle class, who are really struggling, while the rich carry on as usual with their big cars, banquets, above inflation pay rises and big bonuses.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

Open another centre

I READ that the Northern General was snowed under with patients who could have gone elsewhere and it was pointed out that for non-urgent cases you can go to your GP, pharmacist, the NHS centre in Broad Lane or the minor injuries unit at the Hallamshire, or, with a ring stuck on your finger the local fire station, if it’s not been closed down.

What about opening another centre so you can be examined and told which one to go to?

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