Beware of callers with council tax band ‘offer’

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RESIDENTS are urged to be on their guard against companies claiming they can reduce their council tax bills.

Reports have been received of companies cold calling and posting leaflets through letter boxes claiming that, for a £100 fee, they will ‘investigate’ council tax bandings.

Although not illegal, the investigation is unnecessary - as residents can carry out the same check themselves, free.

A Rotherham Council spokesman said: “Not only is appealing against your council tax band a simple and free process, there is no guarantee it will change and it could even go up. If somebody arrives on your doorstep and tries to sell you any kind of service, we would strongly recommend you don’t agree or pay them any money until you have had time to think about what they have said.

“This includes people offering building work and other services such as council tax re-banding or debt management advice. If you are at all unsure, discuss it with friends, relatives or neighbours or give Consumer Direct a call. Never give anyone access to your home unless you are sure of their identity. If in doubt close the door.”