Betty, 81, seeks long lost sister in Sheffield

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An 81-year-old woman who hasn’t seen her sister since childhood is hoping she will find her in Sheffield.

Betty Patricia Engmann last saw her older sister Edna May Bailey when they were aged ten and 12.

Now, she is appealing to anyone who may know of her sister’s whereabouts to contact her in the hope they will be reunited.

Betty, who lives in Ilfracombe in North Devon, said: “I would just love to go up and meet her before I go or she goes.

“We have been trying to do this on and off for years.

“We were entirely different as children - I was platinum blonde and she was jet black - yet all these years I have missed her.”

Edna was born in Ilfracombe. Her mother, Marie Bailey, was a waitress and her father, Alfie Davey, was in the merchant navy.

“Dad met mum in London and then he brought her down here,” Betty explained.

“There were a lot of big hotels in Ilfracombe so she worked as a silver service waitress.”

Marie and Alfie separated when the girls were very young and Marie left Ilfracombe for either London or France, leaving Betty and Edna in the care of their grandmother, Annie Davey. The girls never saw their mother again.

Betty said that when Edna was ten, she was taken on a train up to Sheffield by their Aunt Gertie and Uncle James Marples after Jim had left the Royal Air Force.

Betty heard nothing about what had become of her sister until 15 years later, when Jim and Gertie returned to Ilfracombe for a visit.

She got limited information from her aunt and uncle but has been led to believe that Edna had been based in Ecclesall.

“I have tried everything to try and find her,” said Betty, who has two adopted daughters.

“I just want to meet her before I pop my clogs!”

If you can help Betty in her search for Edna, call her on 01271 882112.