Better treatment

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We learn that older patients and others are not getting proper treatment in hospitals yet you see ambulance crews on TV and drunks and drop-outs getting better treatment.

Some people do a great job other staff don’t care.

Jack Tomkins, Scampton Lodge, S5

Hardly loony left

J Oxby blames the loony left for councillors’ expenses. While it’s true that the Blair administration devolved power to local councils and created petty bureaucrats who often abuse their powers, the practice of paying allowances began with Edward Heath’s local government reorganisation in 1974.

Heath was, of course, a Tory Prime Minister, hardly part of the loony left.

Phil Parker, Millhouse Green

Come to this service

I ATTEND a remembrance service each year and meet very few Suez and Khartoum colleagues.

We were 52-18 Group, 1952-54. The battalion at that time was full of chaps from Sheffield and surrounding area.

A coffee in the museum around 10am might see some old faces from that era.

Don Palmor, Hindwood Cres, S4

Against human rights

We’ve all read about illegal immigrants who escaped deportation. Why don’t the authorities tag them when they are refused permission to stay? That way they will know where they are.

Mind you this idea is so simple it will never be adopted, also the illegal immigrants will say it’s against their human rights.

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