Better safe than sorry

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In response to Philip Ellin's letter about Owls ban on bags, I agree and disagree about his comments.

On the one side, yes he might be right about not being able to take in food but given that it’s coming up to Christmas and there’s nutters wanting to blow people up when they can, I think I’d rather be safe than sorry and pay a bit more for food.

David Forrest

Hepworth Drive, Swallownest, Sheffield, S26

Don’t judge all the same

Miss Fletcher, regarding your letter on the ignorant old man, his wife and two pensioners on the bus that made you very angry, you mention our generation are the most rude.

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Please don’t judge all of us the same. You happened to come across four bad pennies, as the saying goes.

Brenda Wilkinson


Not a lot of thought

I can sympathise with EB Warris on his arduous journey to the Northern General. When the bus services were first changed I wrote to The Star.

As a frequent visitor to the hospital,I said, at the time that of all the daft changes, this was by far the daftest. The largest and probably the most used hospital in Sheffield had a bus route that dropped you outside the hospital entrance.

My first visit after the changes was to see the heart specialist, who had intended to put me on a treadmill to do some tests but after having to walk from Page Hall, up Barnsley Road to the entrance, down the drive way and up the hill to the consultants office, he took one look at me and said, I don’t think we’ll bother with the treadmill. It was horrendous. Not a lot of thought went into that particular bus change.

Ted Fowler

by email

Bedazzled driver

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In response to SC’s letter, I’d like to remind him that all cars are now fitted with a hand brake, use it.

Steve Swift

bedazzled driver

Keep in touch Susan Jolley

I have recently met Susan Jolley in the John Lewis store, Sheffield, in the TV area! We have been out of touch for many years, since 1980, and I hope to continue seeing her. However, I have no home address for the lady, or text/mobile number to contact her. I was so overwhelmed to see her after all these years.

My mobile number is 07742 998176. I hope we can continue our friendship in Sheffield.

Barry Stoner


Not fit for purpose

May I suggest the people who voted about the condition of the resurfacing of some of the roads paid a visit to the S10 and S11 area.

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Knowle Lane started to crumble within week’s of being completed and our illustrious councillor Brian Lodge said it would be repaired before the end of the year.

It would be a good idea if your readers compiled a list of the roads that need redoing due to poor workmanship.

I drive around Sheffield on a regular basis and am amazed by the number of roads that require attention, so I would love to know where the council got their information from. As said before SCC is not fit for purpose.



Support the volunteers

After the excellent article in The Star on October 28, about Stannington Library, which set out the true picture of the tireless work done by the 52 volunteers, we have been extremely disappointed to read some negative letters in The Star.

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We have to accept that the council will not fund all libraries, but the fact that they are still open is testament to the hard work and commitment of the volunteers.

Based on the comments we hear regularly in the library, we are convinced the people of Stannington appreciate the diverse collection of books that we stock and community activities we provide.

However, the work is being denigrated and undermined by someone who seems to have a grudge against the library at Stannington which is very disheartening.

We always welcome constructive feedback and we would urge anyone to share their suggestions with us, or even better become a volunteer.

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We want the library to be at the heart of the local community and would encourage everyone in Stannington to come along, see for themselves what really happens and support the work that is being done.


by email

It’s a poor situation

I got chatting to a lady on the bus, who asked me if I had been shopping, looking at my M&S bags. I told her I’d just popped in for a few bits like I do most days.

I have just been to the food bank, she said. I felt ashamed as I had just spent 25 quid on groceries.

She told me she hadn’t eaten properly for nearly a week and the food bank was the last resort.

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She blamed Universal Credit for her situation. I had to admit I don’t know much about it, but she was very vocal about how rotten she’s been treated by the Government.

As she got off she said don’t judge me for going and getting free food. I said why would I judge you, it’s your business, nothing to do with me or anyone else, I am glad you have some food.

No one should go hungry, it’s a poor situation when the last resort is a food bank.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Offensive comments

It was pleasing to read that Handsworth Grange Community Sports College has achieved outstanding in its latest Ofsted report.

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The headteacher is quoted as saying, “This is an area of deprivation and low aspirations”, (The Star, 23/11/2017, p11).

I have lived in Handsworth for many years and know of many former pupils who have succeeded in higher education and aspired to, and secured, high status professional careers.

So, quite frankly, I find Ms Quayle’s comments offensive to all the people of Handsworth.

Susan A


Stop your droning

I would like to respond to SC who took issue with previous comments by C Shirley regarding the common practice of sitting at traffic lights with foot stuck on brakes.

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This is a subject I commented on previously and totally agree with C Shirley, and SC, to go on and on about flat roads misses the point completely.

Ask yourself, would you have passed your test NOT using your handbrake? Of course not, it’s just lazy and inconsiderate.

You spent so much time on missing the obvious I would hate to be in a pub next to you droning on!

Phil Newton

Miffed of Mosborough

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