'Better he sells us if that is what it takes to get Wednesday back in the Premiership.'

Re: your online news article, August 20, 2018, about Sheffield Wednesday's performance.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 7:13 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 7:15 am
Owls Owner and Chairman Dejphon Chansiri watches from the stand at Griffin Park.....Pic Steve Ellis

The performance at Brentford was shocking!

Are we again having to suffer the same excuses from the manager as we did last season?

Too many players who only play for themselves not Wednesday. They are just not good enough, it was only Brentford for goodness sake.

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We have to pay vast wages for very average quality players, the manager is out of his depth, as was Carlos, but are we to suffer another two years of failure or even relegation fears again this season, hoping things improve?

We need a manager that would throw a football across the dressing room after a game like that and if it hit someone tough. If they don’t want to give 100 per cent, put in for a transfer and go and rip off some other club. Too many players with injuries stay on the sidelines on full pay with no desire to return to the first team.

When thing are tough we need players that would play with crutches if they could, not ‘I can’t play yet boss I’m not 110 per cent yet’.

The chairman may regard Wednesday as his little hobby but it is far, far more to the supporters.

Better he sells us if that is what it takes to get Wednesday back in the Premiership.

Jos has no idea what to do.

They clearly don’t play for him but that’s OK, he will walk away with a million or two in compensation when he eventually gets the sack.

A lucrative contract seems to be the football manager’s main criteria so they are rewarded for failure. It’s the same tactic they use with their next club whose chairman does not seem to worry they came to them mostly having failed. So why should they worry about being sacked? The supporters will be happy to pay for this merry go round.

Robin Gissing snr

Sheffield, S12