Better chief for £100 salary

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I LISTENED with interest to a radio debate amongst the Barnsley Central parliamentary candidates where one of them attempted to defend the salary of the local council’s chief executive.

He apparently earns a third more than the Prime Minister.

The argument for the defence was that ‘market forces are at play’ and ‘these people will vote with their feet’ if their salaries are to be cut to an unreasonable £100,000. It caused me to reflect on the performance of Sheffield’s equivalent.

I understand he has taken a 5 per cent pay cut leaving him with only £180,000 to get by on.

How has he done? Roads? Crumbling. Pavements? Dangerous. Traffic? Chaotic. Education? Below par. Litter? Epidemic levels. Policing? Never see a bobby on the beat.

Local economy? Count the boarded-up shops. Public transport? Just read the Star’s letters page. Housing standards? Ditto.

Makes you wonder if we could get someone better for £100!

AS Oughtibridge