Best wishes to you, Brendan

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Like David Green, I have known and loved Wincobank Hill all my life (I am now 84).

Years ago my mother was talking to an old man who said there would be enough treasure on Wincobank Hill to pay off the national debt if it could only be uncovered.

Thanks to Brendan Ingle for his campaign, Love Wincobank. You may not remember me, Brendan. I once sent you to a pet shop because I thought someone had walked off with Connie and Eric’s unusual ducks.

We had a laugh together when you came back and told me they had given them away, I think it was to Graves Park.

Keep up the work lad. Best wishes to you and Alma

Connie and Jim Wheeliker,

Newman Road, S9

Comforted by words in Bible

Despite the imperfections in the way things are run, I still agree with Churchill when he called Britain ‘our beloved country’.

That being the case, I hate to see the senseless destruction that has recently been taking place. I am comforted however by these words from the Bible at the latter part of Revelations 11 verse 18. It says God will ‘bring to ruin those ruining the earth’.

The sooner the better from my stand point. What say you?

KH, Pagehall, Sheffield

Festival flush

TEN thousand-plus visitors attended Lowedges Festival, which was brilliant. Only one thing let the event down: there were only four ladies toilets available and two of those were not flushing.

E Rolinson, S7

Bowled over

On entering the ear, nose and throat clinic at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, I was bowled over by the cleanliness of the place. The professionalism and friendly manner of the staff was exceptional. A first class service by any standards. Keep smiling.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14