Best wishes for future years

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AS ever with A-level results, everyone is concentrating on the statistics seeking out trends to show that either the phenomenal pass rate trend continues upwards – or looking for proof that that particular bubble has finally popped.

Meanwhile, the real picture which offers most profit when brought into sharp focus is to be found in the details.

And Sheffield has plenty of those. From Tapton High School pupil George Lee who scooped seven A* grades at A-level to Sheffield College which saw its pass rates slip from last year’s 32 per cent to 30 per cent.

The lesson is that there is no simple message other than the fact remains that hundreds of young people are today reaping the rewards of years of hard work.

In many cases they will be looking forward to the next stage in their education and we wish them well.

But we would like to congratulate all A-level students in our area and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Let’s all be proud of Lee and Emma

LEE Hamlin and Emma Payne have 10 children – and a barrow-load of pride. For they insist that they will bring up their youngsters without the help of state handouts.

Apart from child benefits, which every family receives, they refuse to accept a penny from the state and scrimp and scrape to get by on their £14,000 a year wages.

And they are rewarded with a sense of satisfaction which is lacking in Britain today.

Prompted by a benefits-hungry mum who also has 10 children and who hit the headlines after admitting she was rewarded with £30,000 a year in hand-outs, Lee and Emma from South Yorkshire decided to speak out to let the nation know that everyone who has a large family is not milking the state dry.

Life is not easy for them but they are entitled to a sense of self-satisfaction which eludes those who are prepared to sit back and wait for the state to step in.

What a great example they are setting their young family. And what a lesson for anyone else who believes it is impossible to survive without the benefits which are passed their way.

Help solve case

THERE can be no excusing the thief who climbed behind the wheel of a Sheffield charity’s minibus and crashed it just minutes later and a few hundred yards away. The vehicle was clearly marked with the charity’s name, leaving no doubt that it was needed by blind and partially-sighted people. That classes this as a particularly callous act and we hope anyone with information will step forward and help police. And once that is done, we hope the courts appreciate that an example has to be made of anyone who would stoop so low.