Best traffic noise solution would complete destruction of park, council told

New proposals to deal with increased traffic noise if the controversial Penny Pie Park gyratory is constructed in Barnsley have been revealed '“ but the most effective measures have already been ruled out because they would swallow up most of the land not taken for the carriageway.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 03:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 04:44 am

Council planners are now being advised that the best solution '“ creating maximum impact without impinging on other council policies '“ will still leave four homes on nearby Grosvenor Walk subject to 'significant adverse effects' from noise.

In order to deal with the noise generated by the one-way system, the suggested option would involve building a series of walls and barriers, between one and three metres tall at locations around the new road system.

That is one of several options investigated and documents submitted to the planning department state an alternative 'would be the most effective in acoustic terms' but 'would result in the loss of most of the park and would be contrary to council policies.'

The report states: 'The significant adverse effects at most of the properties identified may be avoided through the implementation of a noise insulation scheme to the affected facades, in line with the Noise Insulation Regulations' package of measures, assuming the residents accept any offer made.'

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The use of low noise road surfacing was explored, but that is most effective when traffic speeds are high, so would have limited impact.

The most effective noise reduction scheme would have involved creating a three metre high earth banking, with a metre high noise absorbing fence on top.

However, that would have taken up 7,700 square metres 'resulting in a significant amount of the use of the parkland being lost and rendering much of the remainder unusable,' said the report.