'Best doctor I've ever had' - Patients back Sheffield GP after misconduct hearing over affair

Dr Peter King. Picture Cavendish Press
Dr Peter King. Picture Cavendish Press
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A respected and popular Sheffield GP has been backed by his patients following a misconduct hearing.

Dr Peter King, 65, of Far Lane Medical Centre in Hillsborough, was given a written warning over an eight month affair he had with a patient six years ago.

The romance broke up amicably in January 2012 but King carried on treating his former lover for a range of conditions.

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The affair was reported to the General Medical Council after the unnamed woman's consultant psychiatrist contacted a senior official at NHS England in 2015.

It emerged the woman - known as Patient A - told the consultant about the relationship during counselling sessions. She said her affair with King began as a ''social relationship'' in January 2011 and it became sexual the following May. She insisted she was not vulnerable and had no concerns about King's behaviour.

At the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, King who has been a partner at the Far Lane Medical Centre since 1976 having qualified two years earlier was found guilty of misconduct charges but was told he was free to continue practising medicine after it emerged colleagues and patients were aware of the romance.

But dozens of patients past and present came out on social media and backed the GP with one saying Dr King was 'the best doctor I've ever had'.

Leeanne Baker said: "Dr King is a compassionate GP, he gives you time, listens and shows empathy never making you feel rushed or like you have wasted his time. That's something that's very rare these days.

"When I have seen him he is nothing but professional. We are all human beings, and if anyone thinks they can live their life without making some bad decisions professional or not are wrong. This incident has never had any impact on the care I have received."

Pete Bower posted: "I've been going to see Dr King as long as I can remember and have to say he's an excellent doctor."

Jamie Louise Hickey said: "Absolutely fantastic doctor. He has always taken the time to discuss things properly and took everything you say seriously. When my daughter was little she was terrified of doctors and he put so much effort in to make her feel safe and happy during every single appointment."

Kathryn Crapper said: "Amazing doctor. He's been fantastic to our family and my husband has great admiration for him. Pity they're not more doctors like him."

Brian Hamlin added: Best doctor I have ever had and a kind and lovely man. I hope he continues to practice his been a brilliant family doctor.