Bernie’s girl - she’s got bags of brains

Petra Ecclestone.
Petra Ecclestone.
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When daddy’s a billionaire, a girl doesn’t have to do much.

But Petra Ecclestone, youngest daughter of Formula One boss Bernie, she likes to do her bit.

For the world, for a start; “I’ve been to places like India and Brazil. I’ve seen poverty and it’s opened my eyes to how lucky I am,” she says.

The 23-year-old is realistic about her limitations, though; she says she knows she can’t change the world (well, actually, she probably could. Or, at least, the worlds of 10,000 people in India and Brazil if, say, she set up a school, or maybe a hospital).

She does her bit, though, let’s be fair: “I pay my tax. I employ people,” she says.

Yep, a personal trainer, a butler and sundry other people whom she admits pick up every towel she drops.

“And I clear out my clothes every few weeks and send them to Croatia,” she adds.

Why Croatia, I’m wondering. Doesn’t she think they would suit Indians and Brazilians?

Ah, but then her model mother Slavica is Croatian, so maybe she’s sending them on to hard-up second-cousins.

Plus she’s also trying to EARN some money - as running out of it is something she does worry about. Smart or what? She’s designing and selling the very thing no little rich girl’s life is complete without; a ridiculously expensive handbag collection.

Petra herself adores the Hermes Birkin bag. She has 25 of them and a cupboard especially for them.

So there’s another canny business idea; bag cupboards. Expect to see them any time soon. Though not at Argos.