Benidorm gangs spiking tourists’ drinks then breaking into rooms and stealing belongings when they pass out

British holidaymakers in Benidorm are being targeted by gangs who spike their drinks and then rob them once they've passed out.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 7:45 am
Updated Friday, 21st June 2019, 7:51 am
Watch your drinks

This warning comes after one tourist awoke on a beach without his trainers, phone and wallet after he was targeted in a bar.

The crooks pose as holidaymakers in pubs and bars in the resort and then slip date-rape-style drugs into drinks and then wait to pounce.

Watch your drinks

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Local expats are taking to Facebook pages dedicated to the Spanish resort and issuing warnings.

One administrator of a page that highlights crime in the town said: “This happened to a guy.....His friends reported him missing. He had been spiked....trainers.. phone wallet etc missing. He was found on the beach.

“Please be Careful.....DON'T LEAVE YOUR DRINKS UNATTENDED.” The page also warns about aggressive pickpockets who prey on drunk British tourists by pretending to be sex workers.

They gather at busy crossroads in the Spanish resort and home in on men as they make their way back to hotels after a night out.

Cops have now launched a crackdown on the criminals.

A Romanian woman was arrested for stealing £400 for a UK tourist and another for pinching a £5,000 watch from an elderly man.

Another woman was seized after she took a wallet containing £400 from another holidaymaker.

Some are even men who dress as women to rob legless sunseekers.

Tourists have also reported having their wallets, purses, passports and even luggage swiped as soon as they step off airport buses outside hotels.

One tourist revealed that a friend was robbed after coming out of a popular bar earlier this year.

He said: “Just walked out of Morgan’s my mate left 2 minutes before us by that time he had been robbed of everything by the prostitutes men dressed as women chased them down the road pimps come out from everywhere police seen us chasing them stopped us just said report it in the morning be careful."