Ben Needham search resumes

Ben NeedhamBen Needham
Ben Needham
The Kos dig to try solve the mystery of the Sheffield toddler, missing since 1991, continues.

DI Jon Cousins, overseeing operations at the ongoing excavation, said: "Yesterday we unearthed an ancient burial site in the search for Ben. This site is of archaeological significance and so work was required to secure it.

“Whilst this matter was resolved, some of our officers visited the second site to ensure no time was wasted. With the supportive of Greek authorities, and in consultation with the landowner, we have now resumed the dig and our search continues," he confirmed.

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DI Jon Cousins at the Kos digDI Jon Cousins at the Kos dig
DI Jon Cousins at the Kos dig

“Our priority remains the investigation to find out what happened to Ben. We have been in direct contact with Ben’s family throughout this process and a pre-arranged meeting with the family went ahead as planned today in my absence.

"We have their full support and we remain committed to finding answers for Ben’s family and the people of Kos.”

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